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Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Today we become scientists. 

What do we know about being a scientist?  What do scientists do?


  • make potions - Reagan 
  • look outside to discover little insects - Sienna
  • make explosive bomb stuff - Alexander 
  • draw diagrams - Oliver 
  • some are good and some are bad (if they make explosives they are bad) - Reagan

We are scientists of CREEPY CRAWLY CRITTERS.  What are some things we might need to consider?  Will we have a code of ethics?  

What might we discover in our 'Secret Garden'?  

Code of Ethics 

Try not to touch the creepy crawly critters
Stay in the secret garden area
Try not to disturb the habitat too much (no digging)
Try not to step on the plants, because this is part of their habitat
No running, because you might step on a creepy crawly critter 
Don't pick the flowers, because it's part of their habitat and part of their diet
When we leave, we need to make sure that all of the creepy crawly critters are still alive!

Maybe we could investigate habitats - Charlie 

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