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Thursday, 4 June 2015


We have been very lucky to have Emily as a student teacher working in Tohora nui.  Here is some action from her last day.  We will miss your smile Emily!  

Some of our letters to Emily 

Dear Emily

We miss you Emily.  Thank you for the finger print tree.  I love the swing.  It looks beautiful Emily.  Thank you for helping Fiona.  From Sienna

I will miss you.  I will really, really, really miss you.  Thank you for being a lovely teacher.  Lunch was scrumptious.  From Riley

I will miss you from room 2 and the others in room 2 will miss you too.  From Siena

I miss you so much.  Thank you for the lunch.  It was fabulous.  I love you.  From Reagan 

Thank you for being a fabulous teacher.  Thank you for helping me with my learning.  The shared lunch was scrumptious.  I liked the Weet-Bix cake.  From Connor

Thank you for being a fabulous teacher and thank you for teaching room 2 and you looked pretty.  I love you.  I hope you come and visit us again next time.  From Kaliyah

I loved you being here.  I loved the way you helped us.  We really liked the way you helped us with our learning and you were an amazing teacher and I loved the way you treated us the way I would treat you.  From Ella

Thank you for being a great teacher.  You are my favourite teacher.  I miss you.  From Jorja

I hope you have a great time.  The chocolate cake was scrumptious.  From Jaden 

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  1. Wow Rm2!!! What awesome photos. Thank you to you all for having me and allowing me to get to know you all. Thank you for your kind words! You all mean the world to me and of course I will visit you all. Miss you all everyday!