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Sunday, 1 February 2015


What a fantastic day we had in Tohora nui today.  

It started with a powhiri to welcome our new students and our new teachers too.  

Then we headed back to our classroom for brainfood, before we started reading.  

In reading today we learning about reading to self.  First Reagan showed us how it was done ...

and then the rest of us had a go too. 

Robin and Sandi and Fiona were impressed!

So then we had a go at buddy reading.  Ella and Jaden showed us how that was done. 

We took turns, so we both got to read and we both got to listen.

After brunch we had a talk our value.  Our main value this term is kotahitanga (unity and togetherness).  

We learned that we need to be responible students if we want to show our good kotahitanga skills.  

Responsible students on the mat ...

put their hand up when they have something to say,

don't touch other people, 

listen with their ears and their eyes too, 

sit with the legs crossed and arms folded.

And here we all are being responsible on the mat. 

After lunch we did some art with Sandi, some of us read with Fiona and the rest of us drew pictures or played together with the lego.  What a great day showing kotahitanga in Tohora nui.  We can't wait to come back tomorrow.  

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